To book your learnership, simply call: 011 615 6327 or 084 733 5557 and speak to Zubeda Baynes
All our learners are MERSETA registered and are trained in all aspects of transformer manufacturing and refurbishment
Equip yourself with skills and accreditation through a registered learnership

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Benefits of participating in the learnership
  • The opportunity to improve existing skills and develop additional ones.
  • Both theoretical and practical workplace learning is included, so a learner leaves ready to operate within the workplace
  • The achievement of a nationally recognized qualification
Different Approaches to Learning

Different people learn in different ways. There isn’t one single best way to learn, though certain approaches may be more or less effective in different disciplines or for different activities. What is essential is that you have some knowledge and understanding of the way that you learn. Without this, you may end up feeling inadequate, unsuccessful or frustrated. With it, you can seek out experiences that draw on the strength of your approach.

Skills in the News
“South Africa’s skills shortage, which mirrors a similar global trend, requires a proactive approach. Learnerships present a clear and practical solution to the problem. Harnessing young talent is the first reason many businesses implement learnerships.”
BizCommunity, October 2014
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“Few would disagree with the statement: “South Africa needs skills.” We agree that they can play a vital role in human and community development and that the education department can play a vanguard role in supporting skills development.”
Mail&Guardian, November 2014
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“The three high priority categories are Ownership, Skills Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development. The broad-based BEE levels range from one (the highest) down to eight or non-compliance.”
VentureBurn, April 2015
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Individualized learning plans

Everybody learns at different speeds and the programme is adaptable to each person’s learning needs and skills levels. If you want to come to learn the entire spectrum of modules we offer, we can offer you this. Or if you want to only learn about transformer winding, or stacking or wiring, we can offer you these modules independently. You will begin your journey with an individualised learning plan, which you will follow and complete accordingly

Exams and tests

The trade test is a way of recognising the prior learning and experience of a person who has been working for some years in a particular trade but has not passed a trade test and is therefore not recognised as a qualified artisan. After successfully completing the tradeschool, the applicant’s suitability for a trade test is determined, the applicant will then undergo a trade test at a merSETA accredited trade test centre.