To book your learnership, simply call: 011 615 6327 or 084 733 5557 and speak to Zubeda Baynes
All our learners are MERSETA registered and are trained in all aspects of transformer manufacturing and refurbishment
Equip yourself with skills and accreditation through a registered learnership

Unit Standards and Costs

The Transformer Trade School Offers the following unit standards and qualifications:

  • Stripping and tank preparation
  • LV and HV Winding
  • Core stacking
  • Wiring
  • Tanking
  • Basic Welding
  • Spray painting

Once all the unit standards are successfully completed with a mimimum pass rate of 75%, the learner will be issued with the transformer manufactering diploma, validated by MERSETA and the learner can apply for a tradetest.

Each unit standard can be completed and passed as a stand-alone module as well

Contact Zubeda for more information about the costs for each module and for the complete learnership leading to the transformer manufacturing diploma – fees per module are payable on the basis of a 50% deposit and for the full learnership on a monthly basis, in advance.
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